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New TtB Campaign

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Bob Dole

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PostPosted: Fri, 29 Dec 2017 16:32:28 0    Post subject: New TtB Campaign Reply with quote

The new 2nd Edition of Through the Breach is available and backwards-compatible with 1st Edition for any existing games/campaigns. I've reviewed it myself with our newest Henchman, Chris Formet, who eagerly looks forward to getting back into an RPG for the first time in years.

In the interim, while Chris is learning how the Malifaux mechanics translate into TtB, I will be Fate Mastering a new campaign starting Earth-side with a crew of 0-level characters entering Malifaux and beginning the journey to the town of Innocence in the first session. I will be Fate Mastering the first module, In Defense of Innocence, and possibly the second module, Northern Aggression, before Chris takes over and runs the campaign. Rumor has it Bidd and his Gremlins may be making a cameo as special guest NPCs at some point as well...

The 2nd Edition is in all ways similar to the 1st, but many of the rules have been revised for clarity and ease of understanding. The new core rules are thicker than the previous edition, encompassing the rules, the Fate Master's guide, and an entire section on the citizens, denizens, flora, and fauna of Malifaux; in short, it's everything you need to play the game in one volume. The only thing that was not included was the special character classes available in Into the Steam, and Into the Bayou, which are also backwards-compatible with the new rules. There are a few noticeable common items and sundries that have been added and taken away, so check and double check as prices may have changed as well as ranges, quantities, damage, et cetera. There is also a summary of talents and skills that have been discontinued/modified in the new edition as well.

The first session will be Sunday, February 4, at 1:00 pm. We anticipate the permanent day for the campaign will be the first Sunday of every month.

If you are interested in joining the campaign, I am at the shop on Thursday and Sunday nights until close. You will need to purchase a 2nd Edition TtB Core Rule Book and consult me prior to the first session to flip the Crossroads Tarot for character generation.

If you have an existing character from a previous campaign that you would like to start back at 0-level with the new 2nd Edition rules, please see me any Thursday or Sunday evening at the shop so we can print-out a character sheet and begin the necessary changes/modifications.

At present, the group consists of Chris as the Fate Master, Josie, her friend from work, and myself. We are expecting at least one to two more that haven't chimed-in yet...
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